Oxford Style Shoe Pair of Oxford style children's shoes with rounded toe, stacked nailed heels, with a tongue, and five lacing holes with original leather ties. C1870 - 1880. $85   White Knitted Mittens19th century. $95
  Leather Cat Shoe One child's shoe or half boot. Soft light tan leather with an appliqued black leather cat on both sides. Five, front lacing holes with a tongue, rounded toe, circular vamp, no heel and back seam. C1850 - 1860. One of a kind. Very cute. $95   Brown Knitted Mittens19th century. $95
  Pettipoint SlippersPettipoint women's slippers in ivory with roses and pink and green border. Linen and leather lining with leather soles, square toes with the sole being only slightly narrower at the toe than at the ball of the foot. Waist is far back so that the small narrow heel constrats with the long board tread. C1835 - 1847. $350   Bead ChainBlue and pearl colored glass bead chain from the mid 1830's. Mary A. Wilson, a key, urns, cross, arrows, anchor and entwined hearts are woven into the chain. Has original blue silk ribbon ties Approx. 13 beads per inch. Minor bead loss. $325
  Hand Knitted SocksHand knitted doll socks 4 1/2 inches from top to bottom and 1 1/4 inches wide at top. Origin: P.A. $85   Wool HousewifeHousewife made from an old, black wool uniform stitched with numbers 16702 which references a treaties insignia. Red Wool pin panel. Could be dated to the Civil War. Measures 8 inches by 3 1/4 inches. $185
  Heavy Leather BrogansA pair ankle length, heavy leather brogans wtih front ties, three lacing holes, rounded toes, pegged sole and nailed stacked heel.  No tongue and metal toes. C1840 - 1860. $115   Revolutionary War RollupOr housewife, green and tan striped silk outside with smaller tan and green striped cotton inside.  Wool embroidered challlis pocket inside. Paper attached reads "Co. Seth Warner a soldier in the Rev. War,  Present owner Mrs. Johial Weston". $550
  Boy's BrogansBoys leather work shoes or brograns, with pegged souls, spring heel, rounded toe and open tab. Mass produced in New England. Many were exported South and to the West Indies for use by Slaves  Example pictured on page 115 in "Women's Shoes in America 1795 - 1930 by Nancy Rexford. C1840 to 1860. Very rare. $250   Assorted Purses (From Left)- Make-do pettipoint neele case. 19th century. $85

- Unusual orange and purple homespun rollup with china button.  C1850. $95

- Tan and cream checked pin cushion with embroidered star. $95
  Gaiter Style BootsLinen side laces women's gaiter style boots. Square toe with rounded off corners, leather soles, no heel and original ties. C1830. $525   Assorted Purses - Make-do pettipoint pocket watch case (?) with a wreath, a butterfly and a man. Cotton lining. Measures 4 inches by 3 inches. Measures 4 inches by 3 inches. $65

- Wonderful dated 1834 beaded reticule/purse with a urn of flowers on front side and "For my father" on back. No ties. Beaded looped fringe on bottom. Could be a memorial piece. Measures 3 1/2 inches by 3 inches. $350

- Beaded reticule/purse dated 1814 with "Vivat Magdalena" in Latiin at top. Translated: Long Live Magdalena. Could be referring to St. Mary Mandalena. Blue star pattern at bottom along with purple and green flowers. Measures 5 inches by 3 1/4 inches. $300
  Kid Leather SlippersWhite kid leather women's slippers with board, square toe and square throat. Waist is far back and has a circular vamp and side seams. No heel. C1837. $250