Antique Shop: Smalls and Paint
Finally, my on-line store is here... This is only the SMALLS & PAINT section. The other sections plus price and descriptions are still coming. Please call with questions at 1-847-991-3911.
— Donna Finegan
Pantry box, blue
Medium blue painted pantry box with handle. Original paint. 10 x 5-1/2 inches. $375.00 SOLD
Wooden round box, brown
Medium brown painted pantry box. Original paint. 
10-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches. $375.00
Cloth doll
A truly wonderful early stuffed cloth doll. She is wearing the remnants of either an underblouse or an earlier cotton dress which is done in a cream, nut brown and red print from c 1840's. The outer dress is a indigo and cream windowpane check that has a nut brown windowpane check overlay. She is also wearing cream colored petticoat and a faded red floral head scarf. Found in MA. $950.00
Iron tea kettle with lid
Description to come. $350.00
Grain bag
A superb, linen grain bag with original ties. Stenciled with "JACOBHOKE, No 1866". Measurements are appx. 18 x 40 inches. Found in PA. $450.00
Shaving brushes, set of three
Description to come. $125.00
Wooven splint basket
Description to come. $600.00
Dough bowl
Early dough bowl with original nut brown paint. Generous size; 19-1/4 x 18-1/4 inches. Slightly out of round. Found in TN. $1,250.00
Wood carrier
19th century wood carrier with a original crusty red paint, great square nails and a wonderful high arched handle. Found in Maine.  Length 14-1/2 inches, width 9-1/2 inches and height 5-1/2 inches. $500.00
Footed stool
Painted greyish blue footed stool newly covered with an old cinnamon colored quilted linesy woolsey. $250.00