About Donna Finegan
My love of early American history led me to the collecting of antiques and then eventually to the opening of my business, Donna Finegan Antiques. A business started 15 years ago, by me Donna Finegan, I have been personally collecting for over 25 years.

Specializing in late 18th to mid 19th century textiles, clothing and appropriate accessories along with sewing items, early dolls and good, painted country furniture. The majority of the selection offered is from New England while the early samplings of clothing is from England and France. 

Even though I reside in the Midwest I have a definite affinity for New England. The attraction of it's early history, customs/lores, museums both big and small, period houses, ancient graveyards, picturesque landscape, and yes even it's regional food like lobster pie and Indian pudding, is undeniable. One can not but feel a connection to our forefathers when wandering thru an old New England cemetery or visiting a private museum.

When handling a pantry box or a fine example of 18th century clothing, one wonders who was it's owner, what historic events that person lived through or influenced or how it was made or by whom. What started out as lazy summer vacations turned into a thirst for history and a quest for antiques. Along the way, dear friendships were formed with other liked minded individuals.

New England trips are now filled with good and generous friends, great food, a lot of antique shopping, museum hopping and from time to time attendance at informative seminars. Occasionally I will travel to England and France in the hopes of finding some special, early and rare items of clothing.

I have included early clothing from England and France since the English and the French both had prominent roles in the shaping of our country. Their clothing styles were indicative to what the colonists were wearing during our earliest years. 

My hope is to share with you my love for antiques and share my knowledge with others, so please come back often to visit and see what is new.

— Donna Finegan